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Will's Band of the Week

A weekly podcast featuring indie and alternative rock bands, hosted by aging rockers and founding members Will, Barrett and Chris from Madison, Wisconsin along with bureau chiefs Anurag from Ontario, Canada; Craig from Ipswich, U.K.; Nicholas from Melbourne, Australia; David from New York City; and Jeremiah from Santa Fe, New Mexico; plus contributors Grant and Wilson from Madison, Wisconsin. Contact us by email, Twitter @willsband, or Facebook.

Dec 2, 2009

Will, Barrett and Chris discuss the new album by Bill Callahan and, as usual, get distracted by various other topics.

twelve and a half years ago

Glad to be of service, Anurag!

twelve and a half years ago

Wow!! This guy is amazing!! I have always liked this kind of singing (Leonard Cohen is my favourite in this genre) and I never even knew about Bill Callahan.